From our designers

Professional photography is a specialized art, showcasing the various dimensions of both the environment and the human condition. When it comes to photographing human life, there is no question that ‘family’ is at the center of our existence. There is nothing more important than nurturing familial relationships, especially with the rise of the ‘extended family’.  At GAP, we love to celebrate the ‘nuclear family’, as well as the diasporic side of Australian life. 


The human Australian landscape offers a wonderful richness of a wide variety of culture under its blue sky and scorching sun. At GAP we love to see so much cultural beauty through the eyes of children and how they enrich the notion of what it means to be ‘family’.

Every year, GAP studios focuses on one special aspect of what it means to be a family. This year, we celebrate the love that siblings share with one another, both collectively and individually.

The richness of seeing children perform individually through music, art, sport, or just enjoying a favorite toy is heightened through their binary relationships with one another. We love to see how each child grows into his/her classic visions and dreams that are, undoubtedly, supported by the love s/he has with his/her sibling(s). 

Research indicates that the more children see images of themselves within their family unit, particularly with siblings, the more confident they feel. At GAP, we strive to boost and nurture self-esteem mixed with a healthy and spontaneous rivalry based on the love and special bonds each child has with his/her sibling.