record life

Given that we all have cameras in our pockets and bags, means that we’re all amateur photographers; pictorial journalists, visually diarizing and journaling every living moment. How amazing it is to be able to record and document life to the point of comatising society with endless pictures of lattes; kitty lying on the lounge in fifty different positions, to baby Sarah smearing vegemite all over her high chair.  We live in a world of chords and pixels, mentally microchipped to the point where everything from our ‘last supper’ to road rage is recorded.

Knowing this, some would say ‘where does this leave professional photography?’ Where is the need for the qualified photographer and his/her craft amongst a global sea of electronic constituents? Should the Harry and Veronicas of the world move over to make room for the Max Dupains, past, present and future? Would they be happy sharing spritzers together, much less their shutter speeds, ISO and long exposures?