Important Emotions

The answer to this is obvious. Whilst the Veronicas (at least) would love this knowledge, their professional non-counterparts are the ones who hold the camera gold straps; pixel par excellence! Not only does the professional photographer know how to manage his/her apparatus without a ‘selfie-stick’, thus projecting perfect lighting that injects mood enhancement, s/he also knows how to identify and freeze life’s most important emotions. They take away the burden of ‘being in a pixel’ for those of us who silently cringe at needing to pose at every second bite of our pizza, or worse, being strapped to FB looking ‘not so hot’ without even knowing about it (in many cases).

While capturing the candid laugh over a spritzer, or the collective ‘pearly whites’ sitting around the table at the local pub can be fun, it takes planning, the right surroundings, a bloody good camera, and a highly creative mind and skillset to capture and solidify relational bonds and unique authenticity that are at the heart of our emotional DNA.