A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

warrior is often thought of in the physical sense, as a fighter and physically strong. But some say that a true warrior is in mind, body, and spirit.  

We salute all the warriors in our lives – we are all warriors that deserve to be celebrated

Brother love

Big brother is watching over his twin siblings that is portrayed here in a very pure, authentic and esoteric, familial way. Imagine how he’ll feel when he looks at this in twenty or thirty years from now. This image simply has to reflect and remind these gorgeous children of their special bond during the “oh NO, we’ve run out of smarties” times. When there are no smarties or maltesers in the house, then guess what? They have each other and memories to melt all global chocolate.

Image of the month

This beautiful artwork is GAP Studios ‘image of the month’ as voted by our professional photographers and designers. Yes, we have so many amazing portraits, both with and without props. Whilst props always ameliorate the photographic experience, it’s the rawness of soul, attention to sentimental detail and connecting the sensitive dots that make such a poignant composition.

Proud moments

Most parents will agree that such innocence and angelical-ness is almost always momentary. However, capturing this amazing moment in time, which is quite the ‘red carpet achievement’ for any professional photographer, is a proud and fulfilling acquisition.

Twin Love

Of course, these two gorgeous twin babies aren’t quite old enough to be eating smarties just yet, but you can bet your white collar that their older brother won’t have any trouble sharing his when the twins are older; or will he? Who knows; that’s anyone’s guess.