CASSIE, Studio Manager

I truly believe in the importance of the experience we offer in celebrating the bonds of family and our artwork as being a powerful way to reinforce that children feel loved, supported and valued in their homes as they grow up. It is an absolute joy for my team and I to create a fun, vibrant and welcoming environment in which our guests can relax and reconnect with the most important thing in their lives; their family.

ALEX, Photographer

Working at GAP makes what I’m most passionate about possible – photographing people. I always wanted to be a photographer and I feel privileged to work in the best studio of the kind in Australia. I love working with self-esteem, I get real pumped in helping people to see themselves in a beautiful light and changing their perception of themselves.


JOCELYN, Designer

My role as a Designer at Gap Studios is actually a dream come true. I have worked with interiors for the last 10 years, and have a good eye for detail, colour and design. I absolutely love photography and especially enjoy designing and helping families create beautiful Artwork for their homes. I believe a family Portrait in the home enhances the pride of the family.



SHELLEY, Studio Manager

Through the art of photography it becomes possible to preserve memories that last forever, and here at GAP we specialise in capturing your true self through expressions and natural interactions. My passion lies within making that possibility a reality, and I get my energy through watching families come together and seeing how happy we make them; and the beauty of their love is reflected by the beautiful artwork that my amazing team creates.



SUE, Photographer

As a photographer, it has been such an amazing journey to be able to witness and capture families' wonderful memories - which will be treasured forever. I can't wait to meet you all in this wonderful journey

SESHANKA, Designer

In this crazy world there are very few experiences that are purposely designed to celebrate the bonds of love you have with the most important people in your lives; your family.  As the Designer at GAP Studios - Bella Vista, it is my sincere privilege to help you create priceless artwork that will become heirlooms and artifacts that celebrate the bonds of love you share with your family. I can’t wait to meet you!



CHERI, Designer

My number one priority is to create an atmosphere that reflects the people in it and brings them joy every day.  I am excited that at Gap Studios I am able to be part of creating and bringing joy to each one of our clients which they can then enjoy in their homes for the rest of their lives.